Our Process

The Design Process

The Consultation

Upon initial contact, a consultation will take place. This consultation may take place virtually or physically. During this time, a vision for the design concept will be discussed as well as the details regarding your design and printing needs. In addition, the stationery needs and budget will need to be established.

The Creation

Upon determining the stationery needs of the client, a formal proposal will be presented. Packages are customized to best suit the client's need and meet the established budget. When the proposal is accepted and the order is placed, a deposit will be required. This deposit is non-refundable. Orders will not be processed without a deposit and signed Client Service Agreement.  From the information gathered during the consultation, a design concept will be presented in an electronic mock-up. The initial customization process may take approximately 10-21 business days.

The Confirmation

Based upon the timeline supplied, stationery pieces will be designed/finalized in logistical time order. For example, we will not finalize the invitation until the design and fulfillment of the save the date is completed. Prior to the printing of each piece, an electronic proof will be provided. It is very important that the client pay close attention to the proof supplied. It is not the responsibility of PWI to identify any mistakes or errors. Approval must be submitted in writing prior to going to print. If errors are caught after approval has been given, an additional fee will be incurred.

The Completion

Upon approval, fulfillment of the order will commence. Pre-arranged payments must be met in order to ensure timely completion of the order. 

The Wonder

Upon completion, you will see for yourself the wonders we are able to create on paper!