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Welcome 2010!


Happy New Year! How exciting it is to usher in a new decade! As we say our final goodbyes to 2009, we look forward to all the great things that 2010 holds. At PWI, this decade holds the 10th anniversary of operating as a full-time graphic design and print company. It also holds bold and inspiring design ideas as well as superb customer service. In 2010, it is our goal to be your stationer of choice for every event or occasion, whether big or small. What will 2010 hold for you? We invite you to start this new year and this new decade expecting excellence in everything…and if you’re looking for excellence in stationery, there’s no better place to start than right here at PWI…Papered Wonders, Inc….purely wondrous inspiration.


We look forward to serving you!

Inspired by Everything!

Here at PWI, we are inspired by everything! Our passion is fueled by decor, people, technology, and even weather. In the Atlanta area this week, we had severe thunderstorms and unprecedented flooding. Some areas received more than 15 inches of rain in less than a 24-hour period. Most of the flooding happened in areas not even miles from our office. We were blessed not to have sustained any damage. We were inspired, though, to stay inspired despite everything that happens. We decided to let the rain be our driving force in design this week. Amongst the designs we produced, we began our 2009 Christmas Card Line. It is set to unveil on October 1, 2009. As you continue to be thankful for grace in your lives, we will continue to do the same.

Stay tuned...

Our prayers are with all persons who suffered damages and loss from the flood. May God be with you.

PWI Meets Technology

Ahhh, the Digital Age. Don't you just love it? At PWI, we sure do! While our first love is paper, we also love the amazing wonders we can create with technology. Are you looking for a different and innovative way to showcase your product or even say thank you? Well, a custom CD or DVD is the perfect solution! If you're looking to provide your customers with a wealth of information, why not put it on a CD? We can create the CD, design a custom CD label, as well as create a unique packaging solution. CDs are convenient and practical. DVDs are also a great way to get personal with your loved ones. Looking for a unique invitation idea? Why not send a DVD invitation? Want to share pictures of an event with your loved ones, why not send a DVD thank you? We can streamline your pictures to accompany your favorite song and create a mini-movie that will be remembered for years to come! The possibilities are numerous and when technology and PWI combine, they are absolutely wondrous!

The Right Choice!

A few years ago, Pepsi ran an advertising campaign with Ray Charles and in essence told consumers that if they chose Pepsi, “they chose the right one baby!”  As you plan your wedding, we want to make sure that you choose the right vendors, in particular stationers, to create your dream day. Many times when we compare vendors, we don’t do equal comparisons. For example, if price is the driving force behind your decision, often times, we end up regretting the decision. Less is not always better! When thinking about your wedding day stationery, you should do so with your entire wedding in mind. How do you want to set the atmosphere? What feeling do you want to leave with your guests? As guests prepare for your day, the only indication that they have is the wedding invitation. Once they leave the reception, the reminders that they will have from the wedding will be the programs and/or favors. Therefore, to create a great first impression and a lasting impression, you must choose your stationery wisely. When comparing, you must compare equal values. Do not compare a custom design company with a company who offers catalog invitations. Compare quality of paper, quality of work, and customer service before choosing a stationer. Make your decisions without any regrets! Find creative ways to obtain the stationery that you want. For example, if there is an invitation style you really desire, consider asking a relative for an early wedding gift to help you make up the difference. At the end of the day, you don’t want to feel as though you made a decision regarding your wedding stationery based on the wrong characteristics. Others might try to discourage you from spending a significant amount of money on paper, but it is YOUR wedding day and that should be all that matters!

It is always our hope that you will choose Papered Wonders, Inc as your stationer of choice!

"Wonder-filled" Corporate Events

Who says corporate events can't be as fun and fancy as a wedding? Business owners often think that they have to plan their parties the way they run their companies...not true! The success of your business is definitely worth celebrating so why not do it with a flourish! Your event stationery should represent the greatness of the occasion as well as introduce your guests to the less conservative side of your business' personality. Whether you are hosting an annual conference or celebrating a significant milestone, your invitations and other event stationery should stand out and should embody the elegance and importance of the event. As you plan your next grand celebration, allow PWI to create a wonder that will not only invite your guests, but also inspire your guests!

PWI congratulates our friends at Concessions International as they celebrate 30 years of excellent service!

I.N.S.P.I.R.A.T.I.O.N. Divine

Ever wonder where PWI gets the inspiration from to name their invitations and programs? Well, if you haven't already guessed, they are named after women of the Bible. From Queen Esther to the loyal Ruth and Naomi to the mother of John the Baptist, Elisabeth, these illustrious and fortuitous women of the Bible inspire our lives daily and we thought it only fitting that we honor their devotion to the will of God by naming our most unique products after them. We consider it a privilege to be divinely inspired by God to have designs that are worthy of being called The Rachel, The Hannah, or The Sarah, just to name a few. We hope that you too are encouraged when you see their names appear on your invoices.

With that being said, however, there are two items that are named not after women of the Bible, but after two of our blissful brides. We experience such joy serving couples as they prepare for their special days and often times are just as inspired by them as they are with us! Two such brides are Lydia and Lauren. We met Lydia in the Winter of 2005. She was preparing for her wedding in May while also preparing to graduate from medical school the same month! It was indeed our pleasure to share with Lydia on numerous occasions and provide her with the best service to make sure that she could enjoy both events to their fullest! The program we designed for Lydia is simply elegant. It is a bi-fold wedding program that has a simplified design, but that exudes the happiness of the occasion. "The Lydia" has become one of our most popular style programs and can be enhanced with ribbon!

Another one of our brides, Lauren, is our other namesake that is not found in the Bible. We met Lauren and her fiance, Kenneth, in the summer of 2007. We met them just a few weeks prior to their wedding, but it felt like we knew them from the beginning of their engagement! From the ideas that Lauren had about her program and from the love that the two of them shared, we designed "The Lauren". This is a program that is a bi-fold by nature, but is distinguished by a cover with a nameplate, a tassel, and a picture of the lovely couple printed on translucent on the inside. This program design is beautiful no matter what the color scheme. "The Lauren" is another very popular program design. Thank you again to Lydia and Lauren for helping us to create wonders for you! May you both enjoy long and blessed marriages.

What invitation/program will you inspire?

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Well, we did it! We joined Facebook! It's a great way to adverstise and if you're looking for pictures of some of our past work, this is a great way to see it. We've been posted over 50 photos from some of the best photographers in town,,

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Roll Out The Red Carpet at The Fox!

I know it's been several weeks since we blogged! It has been an absolute zoo around here! Although it seems we're in an economic slump, brides are not cutting their budgets with their wedding stationery! Custom, custom, custom is still on top of their lists in 2009! So, on Sunday, February 22, 2009 join us at the Chic Occasions "Roll Out The Red Carpet" Bridal Show at The Fox Theater. This is the greatest show of the year.

How can you go wrong at a chic, trendy, stylish show at the Fox?

If you're getting married, or having any type of event this year that you need stationery for, stop by and visit with PWI! It's a great way to have an on-site consultation and get things moving!

To find out more details about Chic Occasions, visit

On Time in 2-oh-9!

Clients are always asking about the proper time to mail stationery. In case you don't have a fabulous wedding planner or a copy of Emily Post's Book on Etiquette, we're here to help you out! SAVE THE DATE's can be mailed a year before your event day.

Ideally, your INVITATIONS should go out 2 months before your wedding day. This should give your guests plenty of time to plan and save your special day on their calendar. InStyle Wedding Magazine recently recommended you start your wedding stationery order 6-9 months before your wedding day. So be sure to plan ahead! Especially if you want unique custom stationery!

Mail WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS on your wedding day.

Here's a quick tip about your RSVP date.

Your reply by date can be 3 weeks before your wedding day or ask your wedding coordinator and/or caterer their preference then figure your reply by date from there. Make a list of your guests and assign a number to each household that will be replying. Write in a sharp pencil on the back of each reply card super tiny that number on each reply card you give to that household corresponding with your list! This way when they send back, and if they forget to write in their names, YES they sometimes do this, you will know who they are by the number on the back! Waahhhlah!

There is so much more to know about invitation etiquette. Stay tuned.

Contributor: Instyle Weddings.

The Importance of Invitations

Okay, we are trying to figure out why people have forgotten how important invitations are! Invitations are timeless pieces of stationery and they continue to serve the same purpose as they did ages ago. Invitations set the standard of any event, especially a wedding. Notwithstanding the save the date, an invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will get at the atmosphere and aura of your event. If your invitation doesn’t speak volumes, then your guests will not expect your event to supersede its predecessor. If your event is a royal ball, then your invitation must resonate with elegance and splendor. If your event is a square dancing showcase, then it is best not to mislead your guests with an overly fancy invitation. In other words, provide your guests with a clear picture of the event. Be unique! Be grand! Be creative! Most of all, be INVITING!

PWI Makes History in Washington, DC - The Inaugural Celebration for President Barack Obama

WOW! We must say it again, WOW! The experience of the 56th Presidential Inauguration exceeded our wildest dreams. This was such a great moment in time that we are still relishing in the beauty of it all. Our time spent in our nation’s capital was nothing short of amazing and we are so indebted to our Great God for allowing us to witness such a historic event. Although it took almost 400 years to reach this occasion, it was well worth the wait. America stands for many things and we are so proud to truly say that it stands for freedom and equality. We are most inspired by the history making ability of this great country and encourage you to take full responsibility as an American citizen and do all that you can do to help our President “renew America’s promise”. How can one not be moved by the sight of the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial Wall, the White House, the Capitol, the African American Civil War Memorial, Howard University, the Thurgood Marshall Center, the Pentagon, and the other stately buildings that grace downtown Washington D.C? This weekend, we were reminded exactly why as Americans, we must never quit and why we must continuously against all odds secure freedom at all costs for the generations who will come after us. Our souls rejoice at this time of change and hope for our country. We join with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and we strive, through God’s grace, to make our founding fathers proud. While we acknowledge the greatness of being African-Americans, today we are proud to simply be Americans.

Photos courtesy of The Chicago Tribune

A Papered New Year...2008 in review!

Ok, Webster, in all of his glory, did a great job when he created the Dictionary; however, he forgot to create one word. You know that word that means better than good, more than fabulous, greater than awesome…yeah that word. Whatever that word is describes 2008 for PWI. From January to December, we served clients near and far and were blessed with every opportunity presented to us to create “papered wonders”. Everything that was brought our way gave us another chance to serve God as we served others. Grant it, we had our share of issues, you know technical breakdowns in the office, but through it all, God showed His favor. We serviced brides whom we met six months before the wedding and some whom we met six days before the wedding! We built relationships with some awesome event planners and created invitations for all types of celebratory occasions. We helped to brand new companies and refresh existing ones. Yes, we indeed had a blessed year. We even dabbled our hands in event planning and helped to orchestrate some awesome birthday parties! The staff at Papered Wonders can only attribute the greatness of 2008 to one source- the grace and mercy of God. He took our company to realms we had never traveled to before and not only took us there, but helped us to excel there. As we enter 2009 with great anticipation, we must let you know how absolutely wonderful it was for us to be inspired by clients like you. We are not able to do what we do without you. Each of our clients help to make Papered Wonders, Inc. all that it has become and we anxiously look forward to the next opportunity to serve you! So as we count the year 2008 one for the record books, we describe it with that one word that Webster forgot, the one word that is above undeniably awesome, incredibly fantastic, unbelievably excellent…yeah that word. (Thanks April!)

Photo courtesy of KreativTouch Photography. Thanks Julius!

PWI Congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama!

At this historic moment in time, Papered Wonders, Inc. pauses to celebrate the culmination of a four-hundred year journey. We take great pleasure and honor in being able to say that in our lifetime, we have elected Senator Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. We do not take this moment for granted because we know that without the unmerited favor of God, this monumental stride in history would not have taken place. It is our sincere prayer that at some point before tonight, you took advantage of your privilege and God-given right to vote, regardless of the candidate you chose. We stand with so many others right now in celebrating the fact that we can now believe once again in the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the unparalleled and eternal pursuit of happiness.

Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama, your family, and every American who dares to dream!