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PWI has always been eager to please our clients. Our greatest joy is when a client lets us know how pleased they were with their "papered wonder". We consider it a pleasure to create custom designs and unique products and never do so with the intent to gain recognition. However, when our clients are pleased and we are recognized as a result, we count ourselves dually-blessed! Such was the case in the premiere edition of Atlanta Occasions Magazine. The Publisher, Heather Vreeland, chose to feature one of our unique invitation designs as well as interview our CEO, Lisa, about stationery trends. We are pleased that Heather considers PWI ahead of the game and grateful for the exposure to brides across the Atlanta area and beyond. PWI is humbled by this special recognition and remains honored to serve.

You may read the article in its entirety at


Metallic Meets Midnight

We LOVE metallic! Metallic paper, that is! Metallic paper hit the printing scene around 2004. We have seen it evolve from the most basic colors to every shade of the color spectrum. A fairly new color is Lapis Lazuli. This color is a rich midnight blue and its metallic form is beautiful! One of our couples this summer, Belinda and Justin McDowell, chose midnight blue and silver for their wedding colors. We certainly enjoyed creating their wedding stationery. For the invitation, we created a layered card with the silver invitation and midnight blue backing. The wedding day stationery consisted of programs (The Lydia), name placards, and table tents, and menu cards. The program was accented with a rich blue ribbon on the side. The couple chose their favorite cities as their table names. The silver and blue layered menu card was tucked away in the napkin creating an elegant table. Of course, the stationery was heightened by the love the couple shares as it resonated through our design. This bride chose bold colors for her summer wedding and we created wedding wonders for her!

Pictures courtest of the incredible eye of Julius Grimes at (Copyright, KreativTouch Photography).

The Language of LOVE

Well, the wedding date is set. The venue is secured. Now, it’s time to send out the wedding invitations. Sure, you know what you want them to look like, but do you know what you want them to say? In past times, wedding invitation verbiage was black and white. The parents of “bride” invited you to the wedding to “groom” and all was said and done. However, as with everything else, that trend has changed. While it is still highly appropriate to use traditional verbiage, there are also many other ways to invite others to your special day. For example, the invitation doesn’t have to begin with the actual invitation. Use a sentence or two to introduce the love you share to your guests. A scripture or short poem is also fitting. Furthermore, more couples choose to acknowledge the groom’s parents as well as the bride’s parents. You can invite your guests to “share, witness, join, or grace” you with their presence. The bottom line is that you don’t have to be rigid when it comes to your wedding invitation verbiage. Every element of your wedding should be personal and unique. Why not start with the invitation?

Visit for verbiage suggestions and then change it up and it your own!

Love Wrapped in Chocolate

Love is in the air in Georgia...and Tennessee! We were so excited to serve Kimberly and Tyree. Although this couple resides in Nashville, TN, we were able to make all of their papered dreams come true! For the invitation, the bride selected a 5x5 chocolate pocketfold with ivory and pink accents. The invitations helped to set the tone for the elegant affair that would take place on June 20. The program was a sophisticated bi-fold that was enclosed in a chocolate satin ribbon. For the reception, we provided menu cards, table tents, bookmarks, and to top it all off, cd favors for the guests! Everyone will be able to relive the memory of the night every time they listen to the happy couple's favorite songs. The couple provided the colors and the beauty of their love, we simply provided the paper and the wonder!

Don't let state lines prevent you from calling PWI! Our vision travels...

Pictures courtesy of the extraordinary Rhonda Patton Designs. Thanks Rhonda!

So Many Ways to Say Thanks!

The event is over. The guests are gone. The gifts have been opened. The end, right? Wrong! Every event, whether personal or professional, should end properly with thank you cards! Your guests shared in your wedding day, enjoyed your birthday party, gave at your fundraising event, etc., and they must be shown gratitude. However, there are so many ways to say thanks! You want your event to make a lasting impression on your guests and you should keep that in mind when sending out your thank you cards. For those who are conservative and want to keep their thank you cards simple, there is nothing wrong with a monogram on the outside and personal message on the inside. If you dare to be bolder, though, we can help you think of several ways to relive the memory of the event through the thank you card. We encourage our newlyweds to use a wedding photo for their thank you card so that their guests have a beautiful shot of the bride and groom. If you celebrated a birthday, include a picture that really sums up the night! For those of you with an extensive thank you card list, it is okay to have a pre-printed message; however, if you still want that personal touch, stamp each thank you card with your signature. Don’t dread this final task of the event, take control of it!

Lemon Drops of Love

Who doesn't love New York? We sure do and so does one of our May couples, Darren and Lisa Benbow. As natives of the Big Apple, this couple migrated to the South, but have not abandoned their first love of the city. Therefore, it was only fitting that they incorporated that love into their most special day. The theme was New York in Springtime and the colors were charcoal grey and lemon drop yellow! The couple was beautiful and the wedding stationery we provided embodied the essence of their love. This couple chose the elegant 4x9 pocketfold invitation to set the tone for the elegant day.

Their wedding stationery included The Lydia program, name placards, and menu cards. Although simple, the items exuded the order of the day. We loved serving this couple and were pleasantly surprised when the groom to be took an active role in the planning process. Darren showed his lady love that he was ready to make her his wife by engaging in the wedding process 100% of the way! When we serve beautiful couples like Lisa and Darren, our job is sheer bliss!

Enjoy this wonderful slideshow from their wedding day courtesy of VS Photography.

PWI around Atlanta...

This year, we have been afforded the privilege to sponsor several notable events. It is always a pleasure to take part in events that honor wedding professionals as well as showcase the gifts of some of Atlanta's hottest professionals. In June, we were a featured sponsor at the June Luncheon of Atlanta Occasionsand Atlanta Bride and Groom Planner. This event was held at one of Atlanta's newest boutique hotels, Hotel Palomar. This fabulous hotel hosted over 130 wedding industry professionals. PWI provided the signage as well as the menu cards for this event. We were inspired by the chocolate and natural hues of the room itself as well as the lighting and from there, we created a wonder! It is amazing how big of a difference something as small as a menu card can make. Not only did the menu card add flair to the table, it also tantalized the guests and prepared them for the lunch that was about to arrive. We appreciate Heather and Linda for the opportunity to take part in such a great event. We look forward to the July Luncheon at Loft at Castleberry Hill on the 22nd. PWI is popping up all around Atlanta...keep your eyes open!

For more photos from the June Wedding Professionals Luncheon, click here, courtesy of Nadia D.

April, Joy Pittman of LOFT at Castleberry Hill and Lisa.

The lobby in Hotel Palomar.

Chocolate Oranges

It's summertime and we love bright colors! We especially loved servicing Lanise and Clayton as they began their life's journey together. The bride was daring in that she chose a vibrant orange and a rich chocolate for her wedding colors. We took these colors and transformed them into beautiful programs and candy bags. The program was elegant with metallic orange paper and a satin chocolate ribbon.

For their favor, Lanise and Clayton wanted to share some of their marital bliss with their guests so we made candy bags and filled them with Hersheys Bliss Chocolate and completed the look with an orange sheer ribbon. Bright colors certainly ruled Lanise and Clayton's day so don't be afraid to let it bring some character to your wedding day as well! The saying is true, chocolate makes everything sweeter!

Why not a THEMED Wedding!

Here at Papered Wonders, we are all about customization and uniqueness! We encourage you to put your name on it, be daring in you color choice, and do you! Well, there is something else to add to the list...a THEME! Weddings can be so much fun when there is a theme involved. Couples are able to take their guests on an amazing adventure when there is a theme associated with the wedding. Of course, the theme needs to correspond with your desires and dreams as a couple. Meet Jarhanda and Christian. We are so excited to service this couple. The theme of their wedding is "Cinderella Meets Her Prince". The wedding is in a few weeks and the bride has chosen an array of bright colors! We have done their save the dates and invitations and are in the midst of designing their wedding day stationery. So maybe you are a red rose kind of girl and he is a heavy metal kind of guy, with a theme, guns can meet roses to create a most fabulous day!

PWI Rocks The Fox!

On Sunday, February 22, 2009 Papered Wonders, Inc. was honored to be one of the featured exhibitors at one of the best venues in Atlanta for weddings! Chic Occasions allows brides-to-be to get a head start on your planning by talking to the best in the business — all under one roof.  Chic Occasions, LLP has the connections and the experience to bring the best area wedding professionals together for you to meet face-to-face.

We were excited to see that even in what the government is calling a "recession" people are still spending money on weddings! Even more exciting is brides are excited about custom stationery. It was a fabulous event! Kudos to Nicole and Heather at

If you missed the show, here's a few pictures to recap.

Here's one of the most popular sets of the day: Save The Date (The Naomi), Invitation (The Rachel) and Program (The Lauren). We can customize this with your monogram (initials) and your colors!

Talking about BOLD! Here's a stationery set in Tiffany Blue and Orange! The Save The Date is a CD including a love story of how the couple met and ending with all the details of the wedding. The Invitation is The Rachel Specialty and the wedding program is The Lydia (with the middle ribbon tie). Let your wedding stationery speak to your personality and set the tone for your wedding day!

Looking for the bling? This set is adorned with rhinestone. The 4x9 Rachel is one of the most popular pocketfolds. You can combine menu cards and escort cards with any set. Custom, custom, custom!

Your Save The Date sets the tone! Don't create them yourself! Let us create a fabulous wonder on paper for you!

Don't forget...PURPLE PASSION in 2009!

Thanks for choosing Papered Wonders, Inc. We look forward to serving you soon!  

To Customize or Not to Customize? That is the Question.

Well, it's official- we live in a personalization age. Everything can have our names on it and everything can be uniquely customized. This begs the question, how many of your wedding particulars should be customized? If you ask us, we say "EVERYTHING"! We believe that every wedding detail should represent the bride and groom. Of course, our area of expertise is wedding stationery and we specialize in custom designs; however, with customization comes costs. While we encourage every bride to allow us to create the wedding day stationery of their dreams, we understand that everyone is not able to accommodate custom designs into their budget. Our least expensive invitation is $1.(The sample shown below is more than $1, but resembles the flat card style)

This invitation style is still able to suit your color scheme as well as incorporate a design set that can be used throughout all of your wedding day stationery. For brides on a budget, we are pleased to offer our Simply Elegant Package. This package is the ideal solution for brides who seek personalization as well as rationalization. If you are not able to spend $1 per item, then customization might not be the best option.

However, if you do have room in your budget, then by all means "put your name on it!" Photos courtesy of EnvelopmentsTM.

The 5th Season of the Year

On January 6, the fifth season of the year began...that's right, WEDDING SEASON! It is here and it came in just like 2009, with a bang! So what does that mean for you? Well, if you are getting married this year, it's time to get started! By the end of January, popular venues and top professionals will already be booked for the remainder of the year, so time is certainly of the essence. Now, what does this mean for PWI? You said it. "Consultations, consulations, consultations!" This year, we are taking advantage of technology, and conducting virtual consultations, either via email or telephone. Of course, we still offer face to face consultations, but we are trying to assist our brides in conserving all of the time that they need. Save the Dates are becoming even more popular than they were last year. People are so busy these days that brides want to ensure that their guests know the date of their wedding as soon as possible. Invitations continue to do the legwork and set the tone for many weddings and also provide pertinent details for guests who are traveling. Of course, wedding day stationery has not lost its flair and continues to accentuate the decor of the grand day! So just like you buy your winter coats in the fall and your bathing suits in the spring, it's time to get ready for your wedding before the wedding beats you to it!

Let us customize our Papered Dreams Package for you! We can handle all of your wedding stationery needs and put the "wonder" in your wedding! Call us today!

2009 Wedding Stationery Trends

You already know that we specialize in custom wedding stationery designs. As you prepare for your most special day, here are a few things you might want to consider when you provide us with the inspiration we’ll need to create your “papered wonder”!

The Uncommon- Gone are the days when invitations travel the straight and narrow. Invitations now are as elaborate as wedding gowns…okay maybe that’s a bit extreme, but don’t hesitate to include jewels, rhinestones, pearls, or other unique embellishments that will give your invitations pizzazz!

Make it Contemporary- One of the most simple things you can do to bring uniqueness to your wedding stationery is to use a font that is daring and bold, a font that speaks volumes to your guests. No need to stick with the classic Edwardian Script, instead opt for a font that does the talking!

Get to know the Color Spectrum- Why not incorporate all of the Crayola colors in your wedding stationery? Having a plum and pewter wedding? Use those colors! Doing apple green and fuschia? Yes, use it! Who says that your wedding invitations must be cream or white? Paper has become just as colorful as fabrics. We might not have the exact match to your swatch, but we guarantee you we can come close to it!

It’s Your Name, Use It!- Monograms are making their grand reentrance into stationery. Whether you choose to use the first initials or the first and last initials, brand all of your wedding stationery with a monogram embodies the bond you share with your spouse to be!

Do You- If long is better than wide for you, then create a vertical invitation. If you prefer square over rectangle, that’s fine too! Everybody possesses unique traits that belong solely to them and 2009 is the perfect time to incorporate yourself into the design of your wedding stationery. The wedding is all about you, the stationery should be too!

Whether you choose to follow these trends or create your own, Papered Wonders, Inc. is poised to serve all of your wedding stationery needs!

One word...AMAZING!

One of my close friends often says "there is only one Holy Spirit!" She's right! It's amazing to me how God orchestrates every aspect of our lives. It's also wonderful to see how things play out in the paths He allows to cross!

So, here's how it went down. We had the distinct pleasure of being selected by Nicola Glover Horton from Your Agenda Events to provide wedding day stationery for one of her clients shortly before the wedding date. Maybe about 30 days out...which is nothing new! Sometimes we get contracted 3 days before an event to provide stationery! Hey...what can I say! We roll with the punches! So anyway, we met the client, Mar and her now husband Et'Chane. They were nothing like we expected, but everything we love in a client...uniqueness!

Recently the Towers came to hang out at our Holiday Soiree. As Mar and I continued to talk a couple of days afterwards about her wedding stationery, she sends me the link to her wedding photos. FABULOUS!

Her photographer is well known in Atlanta and nationwide. Shawna Herring..hey! She's a really cool sistah who happens to be a workaholic like someone else we know! Ok. So we're peeping the photos and find out that Mar's best friend is the daughter of one of our dear mothers at church! Imagine that! So, in essence I've seen Mar in a magazine shoot before and never knew she would end up being a PWI client! Isn't God good?!

She was quite a delight to serve. Check out her stationery compliments of Shawna Herring Photography! (c) All rights reserved.

JoiB'yon is to hair what we are to PAPER!

Everybody that knows me knows that I love my hair! Not as much as I love paper, but I love for my hair to be cute. My haircare professional aka hairdresser if you're from the SWATTS or hair stylist if you're from Buckhead is Howard Baker. He is the proud owner of JoiB'yon Salon Services. The salon is fairly new; however, Howard has been doing hair for over 20 years. He is a master at what he does.

I'm sure you're saying "what the heck does this has to do with paper?" Well, many brides read our blog and are looking for the perfect hair style for their wedding day. I have a solution for you...

Thanks Howard for always keeping PWI looking good!

2008 Atlanta HOT LIST: We need your vote!

We are excited to share with you some fantastic news! Papered Wonders, Inc. has been nominated as one of the top businesses in the Atlanta area as part of the Atlanta HOT LIST (Category: Wedding Invitations). In order for us to win, we need everyone to vote! Currently, we’re ranked 4th, but I know with your help we’ll win! I’ll be honest, voting will take about 5-7 minutes because in order for the contest to be legitimate you have to complete the FREE registration (name, email, year of birth, gender and zip code). City Voter, Inc. won’t send you spam mail or put your email address on any other mailing list that you’re not interested in. I would certainly appreciate you taking the time to help us win! If you have time, you could even write a review (just a few words is fine!). I can’t wait to see what doors the Lord opens for us in 2009. To win this contest will be a great start! Thank you so much for your help! Click the link below to get started. Be sure to pass this to your friends and family and have them vote for us as well. Voting ends January 2, 2009 so make sure you vote today! Please note: you can only vote once!

Photos courtesy of the amazing Julius Grimes, KreativTouch Photography.

It's about time, it's about change, it's about Paper!

Finally, I've been talking for weeks about my desire to blog. I thought it would be a great way for people to learn more about Papered Wonders, Inc. What better time to start than on this historic day of change! The paper of choice today: YOUR ELECTION BALLOT!

Make sure you get out to VOTE! More to come...