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Happy December! We are excited to welcome this last month of what has been a banner year! It is our hope that 2010 has brought great things for you as well. We encourage you to reflect upon those things that have brought you joy and to spread that joy to those around you. We embrace the true spirit of the holidays as we launch Lending A Hand, Helping A Life. We have been blessed beyond measure and want to be a blessing to someone else. In the spirit of paper, we remind you to place your holiday orders and bring a smile to someone's face at the same time. In the spirit of the holidays, we implore you to give back; and in the true spirit of paper, we invite you to inspire others by being an inspiration! Happy Holidays from Papered Wonders, Inc.

Black and White with a Splash of Sunshine!

Black and white are timeless and classic colors. These two colors have transcended the barriers of time and the confines of trends. Both hues denote elegance and style and can be used in a variety of ways. While we love these two colors all by themselves, we especially love them with just a hint or splash of a bold color. Yes, black and white complemented by a strong accent color can create the fiercest look. For a unique tablescape design at Ritz & Glitz:  A Bridal Showcase, we took the color palette of black, white, and yellow and transformed it into something extraordinary. These rich patterns and colors came together to complete the perfect look for the table design. And yes, they were indeed showstoppers.