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Purely Wondrous Inspiration

Six Months Down, Six Months of Purely Wondrous Inspiration to Go!

What an incredible year this has been! As you know, we began the year in anticipation of our 10th Anniversary Celebration. We decided that it was only fitting to celebrate this occasion all year long and we have done just that. Our 10th Year of Service has not been just about a great party, but it has been a recommitment to service and a strive to become excellent in every facet of our company. Our creativity has soared and we have been blessed to unveil some purely wondrous designs for our clients. In February, we reintroduced our branding side, in the form of CreateMePapered Services. We seek to help all businesses look excellent in print and design. In March, we celebrated with ten of our most loyal clients in an intimate dinner setting that proved to be a magical night for everyone who attended. In May, we had a whirlwind of weddings and helped to make brides' papered dreams come true. We enjoyed every minute of creating the stationery for these wonderful couples and wish them much love and happiness throughout their marriage. In June, we had breakfast with some of our favorite Atlanta planners and helped them to better understand the PWI process. We also sponsored the marketing collateral and conference materials for the 5th Annual Faith and Fiction Retreat in Jacksonville, Florida.
These are a few highlights of the magnificent year it has been and we know that the latter portion of the year will only get better. We look forward to sharing with many more brides in the months to come. We look forward to the tenth birthday of PWI's first inspiration, Kennedy Renee, daughter of Lisa. Her tenth birthday helps us to remember why our tenth anniversary is so special. This company has been a blessing to so many over the years, but none greater than the owner herself, Lisa Zachery. We anticipate hosting an even greater Christmas event for our Lending a Hand, Helping a Life endeavor and encourage you to take part in this opportunity to bless someone else during the season of giving. We look forward to the night where we will culminate our 10th Year of Service Celebration and share with our many clients who have made these last ten years possible and pleasurable. We also are excited about a milestone birthday for Lisa as she celebrates the fabulosity of turning 40!
We are eager to share with many more brides and grooms, parents to be, graduates, entrepreneurs and anyone else who desires custom design and unique stationery. More importantly, we patiently wait to see what God has in store for Papered Wonders, Inc. Therefore, to us, the year isn't halfway's just the beginning!

2010 :: Year In Review

At the end of 2009, I remember questioning Webster because there was no word to describe how awesome 2009 was for Papered Wonders, Inc. At the end of 2010, I find myself in the same position. Actually, I am facing an even greater challenge to sum up 2010 because it literally took...our...breath...away. In 2010, we were supremely blessed. We were fortunate to form new business relationships, both on the corporate level and the social level. We met an array of new event planners, both locally and nationally, and thereby were able to serve a number of brides during the planning of their most special day. We are deeply appreciative of the clients who we have served through the years, and consider it a continued pleasure to serve them year after year. This past year we created a significant number of baby shower invitations, signaling that the population is ever-growing. We helped brand various new ventures and companies. We spent 2010 doing what we love to do-creating papered wonders. Perhaps two of our most memorable moments of 2010 happened in July and December. In July, we joined the StudioWed Atlanta team, under the leadership of Michelle Gainey. Through this venture, we are able to work with some of Atlanta's most talented wedding professionals. In December, we launched Lending a Hand, Helping a Life, an opportunity to bless those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We held our first Christmas luncheon and partnered with many wedding professionals to create a day of blessings for ten very deserving families. We look forward to expanding the service of LHHL in 2011.
In 2010, we realized that despite the state of our economy, we have God's unmerited favor because we were blessed to not only survive, but to thrive. 2010 was certainly a banner year for Papered Wonders, Inc. and we wait in great anticipation for all that 2011 will bring us. It will be an exceptional year because we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of serving the world's greatest clients. It is certainly difficult to sum up 2010 in one word. Therefore, I dare not even try.
To have been in business for ten years and still be absolutely, positively in love with your business- now that's purely wondrous inspiration.
Happy New Year!
Photo by KreativTouch Photography. Makeup by H.S. West Hair & Makeup. Jewelry provided by Lucky and Lovely.

Lending A Hand, Helping A Life

Although it's been a little over a week since our first LHHL event, our hearts remained overwhelmed. It was indeed a blessing to have spent the day serving those in need and bringing smiles to the faces of children. Without a doubt, we have been very fortunate this year and it was our goal to give back in a very special way. In teaming with several other event industry professionals, we were able to bring joy to some very deserving families and in turn, their appreciation brought each of us a monumental happiness.
The luncheon was held at The LOFT at Castleberry Hill. The day began with family portraits by the Christmas tree, taken by Tracey Brown Photography and Evie Perez Photography. Lunch was provided by Heavenly Divine Catering and desserts provided by The Baker's Man, Inc. and The Perfect Wedding Cake. The kids engaged in crafts overseen by Elegant Event Sitters and candy bags were provided by Peachy Treats Candy Buffet Catering. Julius Grimes of KreativTouch Photography was present to capture the great moments of this event. There were many volunteers on hand to make this day even more special by serving as little elves. Those persons included Brian Green of F&G Weddings, Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events, Ashley Baber of Ashley Baber Weddings, Kenya Milligan of Precious Moments by Kenya, Melanie Carter of Lucky and Lovely, Eliana Baucicault of EllyB Events, Annette Thurman of Chaviano Couture, Nicola Horton of Perfect Wedding Guide, Tia Ervin of Milestone Occasions, Tracy Sloan of Tracy Sloan Events, Violaine Diogene of Andre Winfrye Events, Zephanie Curlett of Unique Events and Favors, and Lillian Miller of LT Travel Connection.
(L to R: Nicola, Tish, Eliana, Violaine, Tracy, Kenya, Toni, Tia and Julius in the back)
The day was truly a great success and confirmed for us that the perfect gift is the one that is given.
This season, we encourage you to take the time to lend a hand and help a life.
In the meantime, we'd like to share these awesome photos by Tracey Brown Photography and Evie Perez Photography. All rights reserved.

More to come on this event that touched so many lives.































39 and Holding...

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was to thank God for His incredible mercy and grace. It's the day before my "39 and holding" birthday and I spent some time reflecting on how good God has been to me. This time last year my grandmother, who I love dearly, was near death attempting to recover from triple by-pass surgery. By the grace of God, she did and she just celebrated her 81st year of life! I was thinking, next year I'm going to have a "39 and holding" birthday soiree and celebrate. Hotel ballroom, cocktail attire, band, the works... I have so many stories I could share with you about how God's grace has kept me, but one in particular comes to mind. It was 2002 and my daughter wasn't even a year old yet. I was not feeling well at all. I had been running a fever all day and was worried I would pass something on to Kennedy. I didn't have anyone to come help me take care of her at the time. I was talking to a dear friend and she advised me to go to the emergency room. I didn't want to go because I didn't have any health insurance (I had quit my job in corporate America to pursue my vision to own my business and couldn't afford insurance on my own). Long story short, I ended up in the hospital with meningitis. Thank God I went when I did and they were able to treat it. Fast forward three weeks later when the the bill arrived for thousands of dollars that I could not pay - a sweet lady from the billing department called me and asked me about my financial situation. When I explained it to her she said, don't worry, we have a fund that was created to help people with their bills and we can pay yours in full. (Shout out to the boys in the pit because you know the 'shouting' music is playing!)

This is one of the many reasons why we started Lending a Hand, Helping a Life. There are people that need our help and if we're in a position to help someone we should. You never know when it might be you. April and I have talked about this for years and time just kept passing. We decided we had talked long enough, now it was time to walk the walk. Tomorrow I will celebrate my 39th birthday with many of my friends in the industry (unbeknownst to them because it's not about me, it's about LHHL) who have graciously given of their time, talent and services to serve some less fortunate families in the Atlanta area. We will have lunch, provide them with a few of life's essentials, let them shop for free in the LHHL Closet, give books and toys to the kids for Christmas and share an opportunity to have a family photo taken for their keepsake. I am blessed that someone reached out to help me in the time of need. I believe wholeheartedly that's what God would want us to do in return.