Paper Me Wonderful

Purely Wondrous Inspiration

Six Months Down, Six Months of Purely Wondrous Inspiration to Go!

What an incredible year this has been! As you know, we began the year in anticipation of our 10th Anniversary Celebration. We decided that it was only fitting to celebrate this occasion all year long and we have done just that. Our 10th Year of Service has not been just about a great party, but it has been a recommitment to service and a strive to become excellent in every facet of our company. Our creativity has soared and we have been blessed to unveil some purely wondrous designs for our clients. In February, we reintroduced our branding side, in the form of CreateMePapered Services. We seek to help all businesses look excellent in print and design. In March, we celebrated with ten of our most loyal clients in an intimate dinner setting that proved to be a magical night for everyone who attended. In May, we had a whirlwind of weddings and helped to make brides' papered dreams come true. We enjoyed every minute of creating the stationery for these wonderful couples and wish them much love and happiness throughout their marriage. In June, we had breakfast with some of our favorite Atlanta planners and helped them to better understand the PWI process. We also sponsored the marketing collateral and conference materials for the 5th Annual Faith and Fiction Retreat in Jacksonville, Florida.
These are a few highlights of the magnificent year it has been and we know that the latter portion of the year will only get better. We look forward to sharing with many more brides in the months to come. We look forward to the tenth birthday of PWI's first inspiration, Kennedy Renee, daughter of Lisa. Her tenth birthday helps us to remember why our tenth anniversary is so special. This company has been a blessing to so many over the years, but none greater than the owner herself, Lisa Zachery. We anticipate hosting an even greater Christmas event for our Lending a Hand, Helping a Life endeavor and encourage you to take part in this opportunity to bless someone else during the season of giving. We look forward to the night where we will culminate our 10th Year of Service Celebration and share with our many clients who have made these last ten years possible and pleasurable. We also are excited about a milestone birthday for Lisa as she celebrates the fabulosity of turning 40!
We are eager to share with many more brides and grooms, parents to be, graduates, entrepreneurs and anyone else who desires custom design and unique stationery. More importantly, we patiently wait to see what God has in store for Papered Wonders, Inc. Therefore, to us, the year isn't halfway's just the beginning!

A "Purely Wondrous" Preview...

2011 is an important year for Papered Wonders, Inc. This year, we celebrate ten years of service! Our year-long celebration is certainly not complete without those who have desired "papered wonders" throughout the last decade- our clients. We decided to begin this celebratory year with ten clients who have believed in our vision, funneled our passion, and embraced our unending commitment to excellent service. We shared an intimate evening with these individuals and thought we'd share a teaser of the magic of the evening...more to come!

First Time For Everything

So it snowed on Christmas Day in Atlanta. There is a snowstorm in January in Atlanta. Both of these events happened within three weeks of each other. Who would have thought that we would have ended 2010 and began 2011 in the same manner? As those before us would say, there is a first time for everything. However, unexpected events always give us an opportunity to reflect and to realize that "first timers" really aren't that bad. The first time that you really trust yourself to succeed can be monumental. When you realize that you are supremely more gifted and more talented than you previously thought, you have really struck gold. The enthusiasm that follows is unmatched and can only be achieved during a "first time" moment. Once you acknowledge that you are going to truly believe in yourself and follow your dream for the first time, you become unstoppable.
In 2001, Lisa discovered for the first time that she could allow her creativity to take her on the ride of her life. In 2011, for the first time, Lisa is celebrating the 10th anniversary of that realization.
Snow on Christmas Day. Snowstorm in January. PWI for 10 years. A first time for everything.

Let the Celebration Begin!


The beginning of a new year is always significant for many different reasons. However, the beginning of 2011 is most significant for Papered Wonders, Inc because it is our 10th Anniversary! We are so excited about celebrating this great milestone in business. We give all glory to God for this wonderful occasion and knows that His favor has brought us to this important moment in PWI's history. It is indeed a worthy cause to still be able to serve others after having been in business for ten years. We absolutely love it! This year is so special to us that we have decided to celebrate all year long so that each of our valued clients and co-laborers in the industry can join with us. As we open our office for business in 2011, we do so with great anticipation for an excellent year in business and service. We do so because of people like you who have allowed us to share in your most precious moments in life- your wedding, baby shower, birthday celebration, or the start of a new business venture. We do so with unmatched appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to God and to our clients who make serving you, purely wondrous inspiration.
Yes, we are indeed in papered heaven in 2011!