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The Courage To Lead

President’s Day. Many children think of this day as none other than a day off from school. Federal/State employees, of course also enjoy today as a break from the grind of the workplace. Few really focus on the meaning of this day. Today we celebrate the great Presidents of the United States of America. While we especially salute President George Washington, we also play tribute to the other Presidents who were bold enough to take on the task of guiding this great country. Although President Barack Obama has been in office for more than a year now, we are still excited about the first African-American President of the United States. You see, what many fail to help their children or even themselves realize, is that whether successful or unsuccessful, whether popular or unpopular, the 44 Presidents of the United States all have one thing in common—the courage to lead. Every President desires to leave office favored by the people, but not everyone does. Every President desires that America has its greatest four/eight years under his service. Yet, we judge each President by the bottom line and fail to give them their “A” for effort. So, today, PWI would like to take our hats off to those who are criticized and scrutinized for every move they make; today we say “job well done” to those who had/have the courage to lead.

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Honoring The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, PWI takes time to recognize a man who embodied the true spirit of selflessness and humanity. For 25 years, the federal government has counted it worthy to set aside this day to honor the legacy of Dr. King. However, we know that his accomplishments and the strides made by so many others were notable well before the holiday came into existence. On this day, we renew our commitment to equal rights and as a business, we strive to treat all of our clients and vendors with the utmost respect. It is our goal to maintain a character that our ancestors would have been proud of and one that lends itself to excellent business practices. We are appreciative to stand on the shoulders of the great ones before us and extend a special salute to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We are reminded of his tireless efforts and acknowledge that his history is certainly one worth repeating.