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Your Wedding Brand!

In the marketing world, companies are continuously attempting to brand their business. This concept helps to secure a company's success. Although Papered Wonders is happy to serve business branding needs, it is also our pleasure to provide wedding brands. We believe that your wedding should be uniquely yours and one way to reach that goal is to brand your wedding with a custom monogram or design. We were so excited to brand Aliyah's wedding for multiple reasons, one being because her New Year's Wedding Date made her the very first PWI bride of 2011. The wonderful, Violaine Diogene, planner extraordinaire of Andre Winfrye Events contact us to service the branding and stationery needs of her bride. Aliya's colors were purple and silver and we wanted to create a monogram that would ensure all of the guests knew exactly whose day it was. We teamed up with the incredibly talented Nikki Michel of Ciao Bella Weddings who designed an amazing affair with her florals. Not only was Aliya's monogram on her wedding stationery, including programs, menu cards, and escort cards; but she was also able to include the BOGO on the dance floor as well as the dinner plates on the table setting. Guests certainly could not miss Aliya's wedding monogram and it helped to seal the day perfectly!




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Persistence Is Key

Papered Wonders, Inc. has been blessed to design a multitude of logos. Sometimes, we present one design concept and the client is hooked; other times, we have to dig deep into our creative crevices to design the perfect logo for our client. Let it not be misunderstood, though; we welcome the challenge. It is our goal to provide every client with their own unique "wonder". If that means extra time is needed or more thought required, we are happy to do so. We want our clients to know that we will use every effort to please them! We are pleased to present one of our most recent logo designs, Simply Stunning Affairs. This logo design took longer to refine and perfect, but the time was worth it when the owner. Cherese A. Michel, said those wonderful three words, "I love it!" So do we.

Here is Cherese's testimonial:

"I just wanted to thank Lisa of Papered Wonders, Inc again for all of her hard work and dedication with producing my company's official logo. Lisa is a VERY dedicated and passionate person and believed from the begining that we would be able to work together to produce what I had envisioned my logo to be. My experience working with Lisa was very pleasant and I plan on working with her further to produce more of my company's branding items. In addition, I will be directing some of my clients her way for their "papered" design needs. Lisa is FULLY endorsed and recommended by Simply Stunning Affairs, LLC. We wish you continued success."

Cherese A. Michel

Owner of Simply Stunning Affairs, LLC

New York

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Marvelous Ministries!

What a joy to serve the Lord! That is why we take great pleasure in serving those who make it their goal to serve in ministry. Every ministry should strive for excellence in all areas and their printed materials are no different. We are able to design church logos, websites, programs, tithes envelopes, business cards, and the list goes on! Whatever the need may be, we are able to fulfill it. Every ministry, regardless of size, should represent their true purpose well on paper. We want to ensure that in all facets of your ministry, that the essence of your vision is embodied in the design of your stationery. We salute Higher Heights Ministries COGIC as they celebrated their Inaugural Service on Sunday, September 13, 2009. We were pleased to offer them everything they needed to carry out their service with much success! It is our prayer that their ministry flourishes and grows in the Kingdom.

If you are a ministry seeking to take your printed materials to a higher level, call us today!

Need A Promotion?

Don't we all? We aren't talking about company promotions, but rather promoting your company! We are able to help you promote your company on paper and even beyond paper. Why not let your customers write their visions with your company in mind by providing them with customized pens? Do you want to leave a note for someone? Do it on customized notepads or sticky notes. The list doesn't stop there, but there are endless ways to promote your business! From custom coffee mugs to notebooks to umbrellas, we have an idea for every trade show, event, or simple everyday business dealings. If you have a logo, put it to good use! If you need one, we do those too! We know you have been thinking of different ways to brand your company, now that you know what we offer, it's time for a promotion!

Logo Design

Logo. It's only one word, but it makes a world of difference. Imagine Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, or Sara Lee. Doesn't their logo automatically pop into your mind? That is because these companies have branded themselves for so long that the images become ingrained in our heads. Just because your company might not be on the Fortune 500 list doesn't mean that it shouldn't be branded.

If you have a business or organization, seal it with a logo! Have a logo designed that becomes the pictoral element of your business. Allow the design to speak for itself. If your business is bold, then use bold colors and eclectic fonts! If it is more subtle, then use clean lines and a professional look.

Either way, the most important thing is that you have a logo and when you have a logo designed, use it! Use it on your business cards, your stationery, and even your email!

It's yours so put it out there. Now, aren't you ready to get a logo designed

Well, that's great because we are ready to design one for you!